OPC Office Link - Version 4 available

L a t e s t V e r s i on

OPC Office Link 4.4.157 is now available for download. This version contains bug fixes and small improvements and has passed OPC Compliance Certification by an Independent Certification Test Lab.

Note: Users of OPC Office Link versions 4.0 or earlier will require a new license key when upgrading to the current version. Please contact us for new license keys with your registration details.

I n t r o d u c t i o n

OPC Office Link for Microsoft Windows operating systems (Windows XP SP3 or later) simplifies the task of importing live data originating from any Data Access OPC Server into office applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, MS-SQL Server, Oracle, Interbase and other ODBC databases. It has never been easier! OPC Office Link has been proven in hundreds of installations world-wide. Its' database and spreadsheet connectivity rivals solutions that can cost you many times more - compare! While easy to use, OPC Office Link has powerful features that fit into your project's budget without limiting your ideas.

Link live data into spreadsheets and other applications capable of OLE Linking via a simple 'Copy & Paste' operation, OPC Office Link works with Excel "as is"; no programmnig required. Linked data will update in the spreadsheet at a configurable rate. Reading and writing groups of OPC items via Excel Visual Basic macros is simplified down to a single function call, allowing Excel to fully control any OPC accessible device in the most effective way. In some cases this can eliminate the need for other HMI software.

Sampling data is made just as easy. By default, OPC Office Link creates an empty Microsoft Access database which can be used to collect samples for later analysis or continuously as live status reports. Use other ODBC databases such as MS-SQL Server, Oracle, Interbase, text files, and also Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, in the same way. OPC Office Link will sample into database tables and spreadsheets as configured, either continuously or controlled by a trigger. Multiple sampling processes can be running concurrently, sampling into the same or different databases, while only one connection per database is required.

Distribute live production data enterprise wide by installing OPC Office Link on different computers to communicate with your remote OPC server or consider installing OPC Office Link on a single machine for live updates into an enterprise wide accessible database (for example, a SQL Server or Oracle database), then only install multiple copies of the reporting software. Use samples stored in your database by OPC Office Link as the basis for active Web server pages to distribute live production data around the world!

B r i e f

What is OPC? OPC (OLE for Process control) is the industry standard that enables data transfer from the factory floor into your office. Computer programs called 'OPC Servers' communicate with factory equipment and make the data available to 'OPC Clients' (such as OPC Office Link) for further processing. OPC Standards are developed by the OPC Foundation.

Is OPC Office Link compatible with my OPC Server? OPC Office Link adheres to OPC Data Access standards 1, 2 and 3, and is compatible with all compliant OPC servers. Download our demo version and try it with yours! While in demo mode, Office Link runs for a limited time. Contact us for an obligation-free 30 day evaluation license.