OPC Office Link - Version 4 available

D o w n l o a d

OPC Office Link software is available for download and freely distributable for demonstration and evaluation purposes. The software will run in demo mode for a limited time unless a license with a license key is purchased. You can buy a license here. We provide free e-mail support for licensed users world-wide.

The installer contains both, the OPC Office Link Stand-Alone/Client software, and the OPC Office Link Server software. You can install the Stand-Alone/Client software without the server by unticking the OPC Office Link Server installation option in the custom setup.

If you are currently using a previous version of OPC Office Link then please un-install before installing the new version.

I n s t a l l e r


Version 4.4 Update History

16 March 2015, version 4.4.157: Various bug fixes and minor improvements.

7 April 2014, version 4.4.155: Fixed issue where the computer wide licence was not recognised by another user on the same machine.

30 January 2014, version 4.1.154: Bug fixes - when sampling a data group synchronously with a slow sampling rate and an OPC server would go into a 'Suspended' state and subsequently disconnect from the client then OPC Office Link would continue to regard the OPC server as 'Suspended' and manual stop/start was required to continue the sampling process. Fixed issues re-loading Excel spreadsheets containing single links for some specific versions of Excel.

14 January 2012, patch applied: Fixed issue re-loading Excel 2007 or 2010 spreadsheets containing links to single OPC tags. Earlier versions of Excel are not affected. File 'risropclink.exe' updated to version

6 January 2012, Version 4.4.153 released - This update contains numerous small usability improvements, an additional OPC server redundancy mode, and minor bug fixes.


Note: Users of OPC Office Link versions 4.0 or earlier will require a new license key when upgrading to the current version. Please contact us for new license keys with your registration details.