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Connecting OPC UA, OPC DA, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, Access, Excel, Power BI, SOAP/SAP, and more.

UA Office Link UA Office Link

All-new, modular and extensible on-premise data processing solution for OPC UA to ODBC database transfers (SQL server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, …), ODBC to OPC UA transfers, InfluxDB time series storage, Power BI, Microsoft Excel live data, and CSV/text logging. E-mail current data or send alerts via e-mail. Interconnect UA Office Link instances across networks via Streams. Graphically design data routing tasks.

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OPC Office Link OPC Office Link Classic

All-in-one, on-premise, OPC DA Classic data processing solution for OPC to ODBC database transfers (Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access, …), ODBC to OPC , OPC to Microsoft Excel, OPC to text log files, recipe and batch processing and more; used in installations across all industries world-wide.

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Profile HistorianProfile Historian

Profile Historian displays heatmaps of profiles (numeric array values) as sampled by UA Office Link or OPC Office Link for inspection, record keeping and quality control. Profile Historian is optimized to handle large amounts of profile data and displays profiles in heatmap charts interactively, that means, you can scroll through data and inspect profiles over the storage period, be it weeks, months or years.

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