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OPC Office Link Classic — Connect OPC real time data with Excel, Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and CSV files

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Here is a quick overview of OPC Office Link so that you know what to expect when downloading the software. This page describes how ‘Data Groups’ are used. Data groups are collections of OPC items (tags) and play a central role in OPC Office Link. Live values of OPC items within data groups can be copied into spreadsheets and sampled into databases. Data groups are associated with the OPC server that will provide the live data. Locally installed OPC Servers are automatically listed in the OPC Office Link main window, remote OPC servers (OPC servers installed on a different computer) can be looked up on the network. To create a new data group select an OPC server first:

Next select File/New Data Group from the menu. This will create a new data group initialized with default settings that you can change later:

Rename the data group as desired, in the example the data group is renamed to ‘MyDataGroup’:

To place some OPC items into the data group, double click on the OPC server’s address space node and browse down to a branch to locate the OPC items of interest. Select those items and drag them into the new data group:

You are now ready to sample live data into the default OPC Office Link database by simply selecting File/Start Sampling from the menu (you can also press the tool button), or you can copy a live data link for all group items into spreadsheets.