Connect your factory-floor data for real-time operations or up-to-date business-level reporting via OPC! Please select a product to view pricing or to learn more.

OPC Office Link OPC Office Link Classic

All-in-one, on-premise, certified OPC DA Classic data processing solution for OPC to ODBC databases (Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access, …), ODBC to OPC , OPC to Microsoft Excel, OPC to text log files, recipe and batch processing and more. Now with optional Cloud integration (version 4.5 and later).

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UA Office Link UA Office Link Cloud Service

Move data into the cloud and back using the UA Office Link Cloud Service. The service offers moderate latency (1 – 2 seconds) and moderate update rate (1 second) real-time data streaming, ideal for remote monitoring, KPI reports and business intelligence. Trial subscriptions are available on request. You’ll need OPC Office Link version 4.5 or later with installed cloud features.

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UA Office Link UA Office Link (Coming Soon)

On-premise and Cloud OPC DA/UA data processing for ODBC databases, Microsoft Excel on-premise, online and more.

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