UA Office Link Overview

UA Office Link is a suite of software modules running on-premise to connect data sources and data sinks in real-time, with optional Cloud connectivity to the UA Office Link Cloud service or third-party services such as Microsoft Power BI or cloud based databases.

Modules that communicate with data sources or data sinks are called “Connectors”. Available Connectors include OPC UA, ODBC (SQL server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, and others), Excel, CSV, E-Mail, SOAP/SAP, Power BI, Stream/JSON, InfluxDB and the UA Office Link Cloud service. Data flow from and to connectors can easily be defined using a graphical Task builder. Once a task is started, data flows from input connectors, through optional processors, to output connectors.

Please visit the UA Office Link documentation to learn more about UA Office Link or download a 30-day trial. The core application to host connector plugins is free. You need at least one connector to transfer data within the same type of data source/data sink (for example, “OPC UA Server” to “OPC UA Server”), or at least two connectors to transfer data between different types of data sources/data sinks (for example, “OPC UA Server” to “ODBC database”).

Sending data from an OPC UA Server to a database