UA Office Link Subscriptions

Information on this page is preliminary and subject to change. Please contact us to register your interest.

UA Office Link Subscriptions include one installation of all on-premise connectors and use of the UA Office Link Cloud service. Software needs to be installed on an Internet connected computer to keep the subscription active. Consider combining perpetual and subscription licenses for different application areas. Prices shown are in US Dollars excluding any applicable tax. All software is sold as electronic downloads subject to the UA Office Link Software License Agreement.

Complete + Cloud I
1 Channel (250 tags)
5 Users
Complete + Cloud II
1 Channel (250 tags)
10 Users
Complete + Cloud III
1 Channel (250 tags)
25 Users
Complete + Cloud IV
1 Channel (250 tags)
50 Users

Need more installations, more channels or more users? Contact us or customize your subscription.

Subscription features

  • Includes all connectors, updates and support
  • Cancel anytime before renewal
  • Change to a perpetual license anytime (fees apply)1
  • Fixed price guarantee2

1 Change the subscription to the “complete” perpetual license:
– after three or more years, for 50% of the price of the complete perpetual license (50% discount)
– after two years, for 70% of the price of the complete perpetual license (30% discount)
– after one year, for 90% of the price of the complete perpetual license (10% discount)
Less than one year: no discount.

2No price increase for running subscriptions or change to a “complete” perpetual license at half price regardless of subscription runtime.

Cloud Service

The UA Office Link Cloud service is a real-time data service with moderate update rates and latencies, ideal for remote monitoring or business reporting. Expected tag value update rates are around 1 second with latencies of 1 to 2 seconds.


Channels are configured to upload tag values into the cloud. Each channel has the capacity to continuously upload 250 floating point or double precision values and distribute latest values to authorized users. The number of tag values that can be processed may be less if tag values are of a larger size (i.e. long string values).


The number of users given is the maximum number of users that may be authorized to access channels and receive the channel’s tag values. If a single user connects to a channel multiple times then the number of individual users that are able to connect concurrently may be less than the maximum number of users. If it is likely that individual users connect from multiple devices at the same time then it is advisable to choose a subscription that allows for some extra user connections.