UA Office Link (Coming Soon)

UA Office Link Our new product line called UA Office Link is under development. As always, our goal is to make information flow, on-premise, and now through the cloud. Current OPC Office Link users are already able to send data originating from any OPC Data Access server into the cloud through the UA Office Link Cloud service for access by authorized users, wherever they are!

UA Office Link will either be licensed perpetually without cloud connectivity or as a subscription service including cloud connectivity. OPC Office Link Classic users will be eligible to either free perpetual license upgrades or upgrades at significantly reduced pricing, depending on the time of the original purchase. The UA Office Link Cloud Service and related services are licensed according to the UA Office Link Subscription Agreement.

Please visit the UA Office Link documentation for more information. We’ll be updating the documentation along the way ahead of release. 

Please contact us at for trial subscriptions or to register your interest in a pre-release version of the UA Office Link on-premise application.